The Cost of Custom


The time has finally come to build the dream home you have always wanted. You have looked at the large production builders and some semi custom builders, but just aren’t thrilled with the floor plans, neighborhoods or process. You’d like to work with a company that gives you the flexibility to build what you want, and in your preferred neighbourhood.  But how much will it cost?

When building a fully custom home there are plenty of factors to consider.

  • What land is available.
  • What are you allowed to do on that land.
  • What can you fit on the land.
  • What level of efficiency are you looking to achieve.
  • Which building technique is best suited for your home.
  • What level of finishes would you like.

All of these factors are going to play into the overall cost of your project. Good builders are experienced with these matters, but every custom house is a prototype. The real job of a custom builder is to guide the project through the process while constantly adapting to changing situations.  At Ravenwood Developers, we know we must make sure the overall construction of the home stays true to the design, functionality and budget originally set out.

So now to answer the question I started this post with. How much? The truth is that it is tough to tell you exactly how much your custom home is going to cost at the beginning of the process. We have a ‘price per square foot’ amount we give for general terms, but there are a lot of factors involved to give an exact price. We feel the best approach is to spend the time up front exploring the options before any work is started. This allows us to determine your wants and needs, and be able to provide you as much information as possible to you can make an informed decision on how best to allocate your budget.