The renovation process

Maybe you’ve just moved in, or maybe you’ve lived there for years, but your current home needs to suit you better. The way you use your home changes with each season of life.  Let us remodel your home to work the way you want it to.


Whether it is a kitchen remodel or a full gut, completing a home renovation requires good design and investigation! We work with you and your designer or can recommend designers to complete the planning and material selections for your project. During the pre-construction phase of your renovation we bring in any required engineers, trades or suppliers to evaluate your current home and provide a detailed scope of work. Also completed at this time is material sourcing and budgeting, preliminary scheduling and permitting.


Once the pre-construction of your renovation is completed as well as development and building permits approved we are able to start your home renovation. You are provided with a construction schedule before your project starts and we keep you updated of any changes in timing or material. The renovation of your home is held to the Ravenwood standard(maybe have a link to a separate page dictating what sets us apart) of building, which makes us one of the top home renovation contractors in Calgary and the surrounding area.


After your project is complete that isn't the end of our relationship. Ravenwood stays with you for the duration of your warranty through Progressive Home Warranty and ensures any issues that may occur are dealt with properly. We hand over all construction documentation and material information to you for your records.


The day starts and ends in the kitchen.  It seems to always be a meeting place for visitors - family get-togethers, or the group of kids your teen brought home from school; where your toddler sits to wash their hands for dinner, or where you try to perfect your grandmas secret baking recipe.  Kitchens don’t make memories, but the people who surround you in it definitely do.  A warm, inviting, and spacious kitchen is a dream and we can help you start making more memories in yours.


Your bathroom can be your own personal retreat at the end of a long day. It doesn’t have to be a large room, but even small changes can be extremely soothing and calming.


The basement may be the biggest untapped jewel in your home.  It’s a blank space with so many options: added bedroom, media room, more storage, larger laundry space.  A basement can provide up to ½ of your overall square footage and is just waiting to be put to good use.